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           The focal idea of the exhibition is to portray the cultural, human, heritage and some of the folklore which mirror the work of a Darfur man or the local societies of Darfur in the far west of Sudan.

The region of Darfur has been exposed to a human tragedy which attracted the lights of the international media over this part of the Sudan. The media reflect the political, economical and social aspects and effects of the crisis; however, the spiritual face, arts, cultural and heritage diversity of this region have largely been ignored. These factors have negatively been affected as a result of the human tragedy in the region.

For these reasons, I found myself motivated to present this exhibition to highlight some parts of the arts, ornaments, heritage, traditions and culture for this vast beloved region.

            Darfur tribes are mixture of the Arab and African races; they used to live with each other in a peaceful atmosphere extending up to Libya and Chad. When traveling from east to west through the region, we find the ornaments which developed gradually through the interaction between the tribes as a result of neighboring and cross marriages.

The wealthy diversity is particularly remarkable in ‘Jabal Marrah’ area, that serial of beautiful hills extending from ‘Kass’ in the west and rising as we move to the east at the area of ‘Zalinji’. Also, the fine weather, Mediterranean climate, is a considerable factor in the way people dress and the overall folklore scene of the region. The hills get higher and higher by the areas of ‘Nertati’ ‘Bandoung’ ‘Kiling’ ‘Sonee’ extending to the waterfalls of ‘Galool’ and ‘Saoura’.

That area is distinguished by a rich rainy season, spring climate and green landscape through the year. These make tourists and residents so much excited and happy. Those are some parts of Darfur which the media donot give consideration and which are reflected via the exhibition.

(Tokens) - Islam Kamil Exhibition at The French Culture Centre - Qatar, Doha -2004

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