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I grow up in Khartoum / Sudan, where my love of paintings,
and photography was developed.


Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A) College Of Fine & Applied Art - Sudan University 1992-1996


Islam Kamil Ali: Graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts (University of Sudan) 1995 and obtaining a first class honors in design .Member of Sudanese Artist Union , and Qatari Social Artist and Sudanese Plastic Artist General Association since 1996. Inspired his Panting and Exhibitions from the stories and legends and heritage Sudanese diverse civilizations and cultures, which it formed his characters and decorations and colors of his paintings, where you find a sense of African and Arab sometimes, other times, often mixing them in his paintings, when you see his beautiful colors and rich theme you'll go deep and deep. or, as he say : " Occasionally , my painting appear to me like : *narratives or dialogues between unknown population and my self , or that * they emerge from a remote unknown age , or else , * they are borrowed from an accumulation of a country , rich of its history , heritage and culture , or , after all , * they represent (Tokens) painting in signs .". Established numerous individual and group exhibitions and workshops in the "Sudan, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sweden" with Many of collection in "Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, U.S.A".